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On the last day of that <a href="../Tong/ThL/Time/YWD.HTM">Metric</a> year this Internet site comprises 975 public files, of which approximately 761 different or 'unique' ones: 124 *.htm (not *Txt.htm), 5 *.html, 470 *.HTM, 1 *Txt.htm, 7 style sheets, 9 JavaScript files, 98 pictures, 4 ikons and 43 sound files.</p> <p align="left"> On 67.52.6 the <a href="../MNI/LoF.htm">List of Figures</a> of the <a href="../MNI/MainDoc.htm">Model of Neutral-Inclusivity</a> was updated from the text-browser era LoF.html file to the <a href="66ASWW.HTM#Formats">F8-format</a> LoF.htm file. The old file from 50.30.3 is now kept as a 'historical document' at <a href="../MNI/LoFTxt.html">MNI/LoFTxt.html</a>. Other changes were entirely new additions. They consist of 14 *.HTM documents, 11 *.gif pictures and 3 permanent *.mp3 sound files which will be discussed below.</p> <br /> <hr width="67%" align="center"> <br /> <h3 align="center" id="NA">New audiofiles</h3> <p align="left"> At certain times, in certain places and under certain circumstances listening to a poem, the lyrics of a song or even a plain text may be preferable to reading the same text. This may explain why audiofiles can be much more popular than visual text files with the same content. For the creator such <a href="../Sound.htm">sound files</a> have their disadvantages too: they take more time to make, and once made they take much more time to correct the slightest mistake or to just enhance them a little bit (so much so, that they are seldom changed once they have been published as final products). However, in order to cater to the need or, at least, wish for audiofiles, it has been turned into a policy to add one public MP3 file to TRINPsite every Metric month, whenever possible. At first, these files of the Metric months will be temporary files which may sometimes be complete in themselves. More often they will contain only one third or half of a poem or other text. After all the parts have been offered as temporary files in the Sound/Temp folder, they are deleted again, but not before one permanent file has been added to TRINPsite in an appropriate, different Sound folder. This policy was started on 67.16.6, at the end of Early Northwest.</p> <p align="left"> On 67.29.5, the three temporary sound files of the Northwest trimester were replaced with <a href="../Sound/MNI/F6130.mp3">Sound/MNI/F6130.mp3</a>. This audiofile contains the three stanzas of the Model prose poem <i>The Norm Does Not Require; the Norm Requires</i> in <a href="../Tong/ThL/Poems/ThisLang.HTM">This Language</a>. It can be found at the end of the section in the <a href="../MNI/BoF.htm">Book of Fundamentals</a> entitled "<a href="../MNI/BoF/6/1/3.HTM">Under the denomination of the Norm</a>".</p> <p align="left"> On 67.41.1, the one temporary sound file of Central Month was replaced with <a href="../Sound/ZzY/Shige/Anan1S.mp3">Sound/ZzY/Shige/Anan1S.mp3</a>. This audiofile contains the song <a href="../Tong/ZzY/Shige/Ananda.HTM" class="NoBr"><nobr>?b</nobr></a> (<i>nnd</i>) in <a href="../Tong/ZzY/Shige/ZzYuyan.HTM">Zhezhong Yuyan</a>.</p> <p align="left"> On 67.49.6, the three temporary sound files of the Southeast trimester were replaced with <a href="../Sound/ThL/Note/Sparrow.mp3">Sound/ThL/Note/Sparrow.mp3</a>. This audiofile makes it possible to listen for more than 11 minutes to <i><a href="../Note/Sparrow.HTM">The Sparrow in the Banqueting Hall</a></i>.</p> <br /> <hr width="67%" align="center"> <br /> <h3 align="center" id="NP">New poems</h3> <p align="left"> Of the fourteen new *.HTM documents mentioned above three are text files for new poems put in the Tong/ThL/Poems folder, if in This Language, and in the Tong/ZzY/Shige folder, if in Zhezhong Yuyan.</p> <p align="left"> Initially (on 67.33.1), the poem <i><a href="../Tong/ThL/Poems/Catenal.HTM">In the Beginning There will be the End, in the End the Beginning</a></i> was put in the old Poet/NCGP/NAnn folder for non-computer-generated poems in This Language without annotations. However, this directory dates back to the time that English was the sole language used on TRINPsite. Meanwhile, This Language is still the predominant language on this site but definitely not the only one anymore. The Tong directory now has three subdirectories for three different languages (This Language, Zhezhong Yuyan and <a href="../Tong/DzT/Poezie/DezeTaal.HTM">Deze Taal</a>) and any new document not forming an integral part of an essential existing series should be put in one of these subdirectories. Therefore, <i>In the Beginning ...</i> was relocated (on 67.50.5) in the Tong/ThL folder, where, perhaps, the old non-computer-generated poems still in the Poet/NCGP folder should once be relocated as well.</p> <p align="left"> The two other new poems, added in Late Southwest Month, are parallel versions of each other: <a href="../Tong/ThL/Poems/OneDay.HTM">One Day, That Day</a> in This Language and <a href="../Tong/ZzY/Shige/YiTian.HTM">gN)Y S)Y</a> (<i>Mu y tin, k n tin</i>) in Zhezhong Yuyan. Both documents also contain one song for adults derived from the prime poem. These songs have the same titles as the poems. The Yuyan document contains an additional lullaby derived from the prime poem. It is called "b[ gN)Y" (<i>W bobi, yu y tin</i>).</p> <br /> <hr width="67%" align="center"> <br /> <h3 align="center" id="MD">Model documents and figures</h3> <p align="left"> Alth<a href="../MNI/BoI/3/4/2.HTM#I3426" class="Spell">o</a> TRINPsite has been providing access to all sections (with one exception) and all divisions of the Model of Neutral-Inclusivity for more than 9 years (since 58.21.6), inclusive of all prose poems, 24 out of the 37 hand-drawn figures of the paper Model were not yet available in digital form. (The ones whose links are shown in the old <a href="../MNI/LoFTxt.html">List of Figures</a> could already be accessed on screen.) In order to make up for this shortcoming, that is, partially for the time being, half of these 24 figures were added to the site in the last week of the year. They have been inserted in *.HTM documents which each show no more than one *.gif picture. As two original figures (F. and F. were combined into one, the total number of these pictures and documents is 11 for this year. Their titles are: <a href="../MNI/BoI/8/I8221.HTM">Extrinsic right-duty constellations<a>, <a href="../MNI/BoI/8/I8231.HTM">General intrinsic right-duty constellations<a>, <a href="../MNI/BoI/8/I8241.HTM">Special intrinsic right-duty constellations<a>, <a href="../MNI/BoI/8/I8421.HTM">Ways of losing or weakening rights</a>, <a href="../MNI/BoF/2/F2131.HTM">Dimensional manifestations of exclusivism</a>, <a href="../MNI/BoF/2/F2141.HTM">Componential manifestations of exclusivism</a>, <a href="../MNI/BoF/2/F2151.HTM">Operational manifestations of exclusivism</a>, <a href="../MNI/BoF/6/F6111.HTM">The three pillars of the DNI and three types of counterideology</a>, <a href="../MNI/BoF/6/F6112.HTM">The norms and values of the DNI</a>, <a href="../MNI/BoF/6/F6113.HTM">Past-, present- and <span class="NoBr"><nobr>future-</nobr></span>regarding teleology</a> and <a href="../MNI/BoS/2/S2331.HTM">The morphemes of the 'N'-'A' series</a>.</p> <br /> <hr width="67%" align="center"> <br /> <h3 align="center" id="UC">Unicode for ُy</h3> <p align="left"> This file, AddNRev/67ASWW.HTM, is the first <i>Additions and Revisions</i> file to be saved in Unicode (UC). The more words in a non-Latin script are being used the stronger the need for the much easier UC, which allows non-Latin characters to be entered directly rather than by means of awkward codes which do not mean anything by themselves. (Such as <span style="font-family:Courier; font-size:small">&amp;#36825;&amp;#31181;&amp;#35821;&amp;#35328;</span>, which is rendered as ُy, the characters for Zhzh&#466;ng Y&#468;yn.) As words, phrases and whole texts in Zhezhong Yuyan are becoming more common on TRINPsite, so will pages saved in Unicode. It should be kept in mind, however, that documents in a standard format make use of <b>external</b> JS and CSS files, and that the one browser (Firefox or Google Chrome, for instance) will require the external files to be UC too, whereas the other browser (Internet Explorer, for instance) will not. To be acceptable for all browsers, a file saved in UC cannot use JS/HeadObjs.js (saved in ANSI) as the external parent file but must make use of JS/HeadObjs_UC.js, a special UC variant (saved in Unicode), which in turn makes use of UC variants of the CSS and other JS files. Therefore, also the present document file does not refer to the very important auxiliary file JS/HeadObjs.js anymore. It refers to JS/HeadObjs_UC.js instead.</p> <br /> <hr width="67%" align="center"> </td> </tr> </table> <br /><br /> <script type="text/javascript"> if (MidParT) writeMidPartO(VersDateS+"|B|68"); else document.write('<div id="Copyright">&copy; 68 aSWW, '+ 'M. Vincent van Mechelen</div>') </script> <noscript> <div style="font-family:Times New Roman"><font size="-2"> &copy; (Copyright) MVVM (Machiel Vincent van Mechelen)<br /> 68 aSWW (years after the Second World War)</font></div> </div><!--MainDiv--> <div title="To TRINPsite Index"> <a href="../index.htm"><img src="../Graf/Fram/Bot6.gif" width="600" height="31" border="0" /></a></div> </noscript> </div><!--PDF--></td> </tr> </table> <script type="text/javascript"> <!-- var SecLinkS= '<table cellspacing="0"><tr><td>'+ ' <table border="0">'+ ' <tr><td align="center" bgcolor="#ffffe0"><small>'+ ' <a href="../AddNRev.htm">additions and revisions</a></small></td></tr>'+ ' </table>'+ '</td></tr></table>'; var TertLinkS='<font size="-2"><a href="66ASWW.HTM">PREVIOUS</a> | '+ '<a href="68ASWW.HTM">NEXT</a> YEAR</font>'; if (BotParT && !hearT) Write_BotPart(VersDateS+"|"+SecLinkS+TertLinkS); else { if (!hearT) compleT=false } // --> </script> <noscript> <table width="600" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" id="FramSub"><tr> <td width="200" align="left"><div><font size="-1">&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="../DNIFound.htm"><font color="#800080">Stichting DNI Foundation</font></a>&nbsp;</font></div></td> <td width="200" align="center"><div><font color="#800079" size="-1">&nbsp;[<a href="../Info/ActCont.HTM"><font color="#800080">scripts not executed</font></a>]&nbsp;</font></div></td> <td width="200" align="right" valign="top"><div><font color="#800080" size="-1">&nbsp;www.trinp.org/&nbsp;&nbsp;</font></div></td> </tr></table> </div><!--end centering--> </noscript> <script type="text/javascript"> <!-- if (PostPageT && !hearT) Write_PostPage(VersDateS); else { if (!hearT) compleT=false } if (!compleT) { if (HeadObjsT) writeIncompletO(VersDateS); else { var alertS="This document is not complete, due to a bad connection, an "+ "illicit address, (an) external file(s) missing or a system "+ "failure! 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