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Stichting DNI Foundation

Date: 68.45.5, MSW

Dear TRINPsite visitor,

You are kindly invited to send email letters about works published and subjects dealt with on TRINPsite. You may write in:

If applicable, a reply will be in the same language as yours and/or in This Language. Email should not be accompanied by an attachment, as attachments from unknown sources are never opened. Please, do not use a title such as Mr to address the reader of your mail or a religious, imperial or other such calendar to date it.

You may also decide to post your comment or ask your question in public under Visitor's Voices.

Should you pose a question of a general nature, it may be made public later. The more interesting your question or the longer the answer to it the greater the chance that the answer will be published in the present Info branch along with your question. Except for one or two initials, your name will not be used, let alone any other personal data, unless you do not mind or even like this. See the document called "Questions and Answers", in which some correspondence is already made public. Of course, anything of a private nature will remain private, unless it is (also) of public interest and you agree that it may be made public.

Again, you are invited to send an email, not only about this site or a work published here, but also about other matters that will be of concern to anyone who is interested or involved in the spread of the TRINP values and the belief in their primacy. In the end extremism, exclusivism and supernaturalism can only be curtailed and prevented from infringing (in many cases, continuing to infringe) our personhood by working together. And working together requires communication to start with.



M. Vincent van Mechelen
Site Planner

You will never receive any (e)mail from me or from any other person connected with TRINPsite using an email address starting with the word postmaster or webmaster and ending with trinp.org. Moreover, an email address ending with trinp.org will only be used at this site or on paper by the Stichting DNI Foundation and never for other public, let alone private, purposes. Should you receive mail with such an address nevertheless, or come across a trinp.org email address at another place, you can be sure that the address in question is being used illegitimately by a person or group of people with malicious objectives. If the abuse is serious, please let me know by contacting me at the proper email address above. Thank you.

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