the Neutrality image at www.trinp.org/Game/Cube/Stil/N380.gif which first was not, then was, now is not and will not (?) be left out (again) from 'the most comprehensive image search on the web'

TRINPsite, the name of this site, is based on the five TRINP values: truth, relevance, inclusivity, neutrality and personhood. For each of these five values there is a separate 'value document' in the Valu folder on the highest level. Each Valu document starts with a picture of 380 pixels by 380 pixels representing the value of the document concerned. Hence, there are five of these pictures with exactly the same position in the hierarchy of files: Truth, Relevance, Inclusivity, Neutrality and Personhood. There is not any difference in access to the Valu documents from the Index Page, from the List of Files or from the Main Document.

One would expect that a search engine robot which finds Neutrality will also find the other TRINP images and vice versa. And one would expect to find all five images back after having checked a shorter or a longer list of pictures. Should it take too long, a TRINPsite picture can always be traced by adding the term trinp to one of the TRINP value terms. That is, the original picture can thus be traced on a TRINPsite page. If someone puts a link to such a picture on 'er own page, the picture may also be found. It certainly will not be found in this way, however, if the picture is copied and the copy put at a new address. (This is done, for example, in http://www.banklawyersblog.com/[no space]3_bank_lawyers/[no space]2006/05/net_neutrality_.html, which uses a copy of the Neutrality image as an illustration for a discussion about 'net neutrality'. The unreduced copy itself is put at http://www.banklawyersblog.com/[no space].shared/image.html[no space]?/photos/uncategorized/[no space]neutrality.gif without any reference anywhere to where it came from. It was found on 63.32.7 as result #486 with the search phrase neutrality truth.)

In week 63.09 Google's public database at www.google.com contained all TRINP images except Truth (T380.gif). As the Truth image had occupied a very prominent place in the one or two years before, a special document was published here on 63.09.1, called "Why Can't Google Cope With Truth". Less than 51 hours after that document saw the light of day the Neutrality picture (N380.gif) disappeared as well. At the time of the publication of the present document (in week 63.32) Truth has returned to Google's database, but Neutrality is still lost from what is claimed to be 'the most comprehensive image search on the web'. That claim certainly does not yet hold water for TRINPsite's original 380x380 Neutrality image!

The following table shows the Google image search results on 63.32.7 (Metric) or '2 August 2008' (Gregorian) for neutrality, when combined with trinp:

380x380 IMAGE
neutrality 30 6
no Neutrality

It is not that one should search for neutralness trinp, because this only yields 3 results and no TRINP picture at all.

Update in week 63.39

When i checked neutrality trinp on 63.37.4 (Metric), that is, '3 September 2008' (Gregorian), Google Images showed the Neutrality picture again; even in position #1, where it is supposed to be. However, instead of linking to the value document about neutrality, it linked to the present document about the 'loss' of the Neutrality picture. Unfortunately, this turns things upside down: as if it were the use of the picture here which would be the reason for its existence rather than its use in the special value document dealing with neutrality! So far this situation has remained unchanged.

Update in week 63.50

After entering neutrality trinp on 63.50.5 (Metric), that is, '4 December 2008' (Gregorian), Google Images shows the Neutrality picture in position #1, while linking it to the value document it is supposed to be linked to (Valu/Neu.htm). Hopefully, it will remain this way, so that this document may become superfluous or of 'historical' interest only. The Personhood picture is in position #2, Inclusivity in position #3 and Relevance in position #4, with the correct links. Among the 35 pictures, however, the Truth picture is nowhere to be found. But that is something to be dealt with in Why Can't Google Cope With Truth.

While the Neutrality picture is shown in four of the five searches, it is not shown when entering inclusivity together with trinp. Moreover, in the searches relevance trinp and personhood trinp the Neutrality picture leads the visitor to this page instead of the special value document for neutrality.

Vincent van Mechelen, 63.SEY-SLL

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