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featuring notes and papers of a philosophical,denominational or literary nature, varying from single statements to long essays

This branch of the TRINPsite tree of files gives access to various ideas expressed in the form of aphorisms, statements which are less concise or terse and shorter or longer essays, among which academic papers. Many of these notes and papers can only be fully understood with a basic (or more than basic) knowledge of the DNI, the Denominational Doctrine of Neutral-Inclusivity, as acquired from the Model of Neutral-Inclusivity.

The following list of (collections of) notes and (collections of) papers is in alphabetical order:

  • Almost Ubiquitous Yet Barely Present
    -- religion in twentieth-century Anglo-Irish prose

    by M. Vincent van Mechelen, ChrE 1993/48 aSWW
    An academic literary paper; unpublished; 33 K

  • Computer Poetry
    A paper on a subject in the field where literature, linguistics and computer science overlap. Added to the poetry branch of the TRINPsite tree of files and not published elsewhere

    -- a study in normative philosophy

  • Entropy, Gravity and Electricity in a Neutral Perspective
    A common denominator for physics instead of chaos

  • Four Retorts to Irreligion
    Responses to 'silly retorts to atheism' as formulated in Free Inquiry

  • Given Names for Persons
    Features a list of given names which are sex-transcending

  • Longer Notes
    Medium long and long notes in one document

    Every four weeks a short note from the year 52 onwards

  • Short Notes
    Notes which were shown in a computer presentation program at a time when a maximum of 40 characters on a line was one of only two text modes

  • Symmetrical Music
    About symmetry in general and in music in particular

  • The Sparrow in the Banqueting Hall
    How a single sparrow may convert a whole country
    The complete note has been recorded and is also offered as an MP3 file:
    [LISTEN TO THE SPARROW] The Sparrow in the Banqueting Hall, 10.6 MB, 128 kbps, 11:33

  • The Values of Writing
    by M. Vincent van Mechelen, ChrE 1993/48 aSWW
    An academic paper on what makes good literary or nonliterary writing; unpublished; 24 K

  • Turn-bottoms
    Like twisters and weathercocks turn-bottoms will be around in days to come