Machiel Vincent van Mechelen

vo-CA·b·u-LA·r·y or vo-CA·b·u·l·a·r·y
OF a-LLI·t·e-RA·ti·on

with access to all 35 elementary staves:
|N|, |O|-|OO|, |P|, |R|, |S|, |SH|, |T|, |TH|
|U|, |V|, |W|, |Z|, |A|-|AW|, |B|, |D|, |DH|
|E|-|EI|, |F|, |G|, |H|, |I|, |J|, |K|, |L|, |M|
(rotating in reverse alphabetical order)

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Staves and initial sounds
Aup, oven (and err)
AEact, animal
AHah, arch
AIaisle/isle, eye/i, ice
AUow, hour/our, out
AWawe, all, or, ought
Bbee/be, brown
Dday, dry, genes/jeans
DHthee, they, than
Eex, any
EEeel, eat, eve
EIeight, age
Ffee, photo
Ggo, glad, green
Hhe, whole/hole
Iin, if, English
Jyes, unit, euro, ewe
Kkey/quay, can, quite
Llee/lea, life
Mme/mi, mind
Nknee, no, gnaw
Oon, ox (if not |AH|)
OHopen, old
OIoil, oyster
OOoof, ooze, ouzo
Ppee/pea, print
Rre, write/right
Ssee, cent/scent, pseud 
SHshe, chef, sure
Ttea/ti, true, choice
THthaw, three, chthonic
Uoomph, umlaut
Vvie, very
Wwee/we, one
Zzoo, xenophobe


-sharp division between syllables, as in AN-gle (angle, |AENG-gal|) and de-SERT (desert, if pronounced |di-ZA(R)T|)
·one of two fuzzy boundaries between two syllables, the consonantal sound(s) between the dots being their overlap, as in AN·g·el (angel, |EIN·dzh·al|) and DE·s·ert (desert, if pronounced |DE·z·a(r)t|)
CAP  (part of a) stressed syllable (which is not at the same time part of another, unstressed syllable)
| |beginning and end of one or more sounds represented in a way deviating from the standard spelling, usually x replaced with |k-S|, |K·s| or |g-Z|, sometimes a sound not represented in the standard spelling at all, such as |J| or |W|
+space between two words pronounced together (in the variant concerned)
:a hyphen in the standard spelling
=sharp, hyphened division between syllables of one word (the equivalent of -:)
$the following letter must or may be capitalized in the standard spelling even when not occurring at the beginning of a sentence


adj   as an adjective
advas an adverb
litword or phrase which is (especially) literary or poetic
l& word or phrase with a literary meaning or use as well
l/f word or phrase whose use is literary (or poetic) or formal (or technical) for the same meaning(s)
nas a noun
preas a preposition
vas a verb
varone of several dialectal or merely pronunciational variants (which do not immediately succeed each other in this dictionary)

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