M. Vincent van Mechelen
 with Vocabulary of Alliteration 
[ u n d e r   c o n s t r u c t i o n ]


A EI:P1; A cat may look at a king K:P2, L:S4; a dime a dozen D:P2; aback B:P2; abandon(ed) B:P2; abduct(ed) D:P2; abduction D:P2; abductor(s) D:P2; aberrant B:P2; aberration(s) AE:S1, R:P3; abhor(red) H:P2; abhorrence H:P2; abhorrent H:P2; abide/abode B:P2; ability/abilities B:P2; abiotic EI:S1, AH:P3/O:P3; able-bodied EI:S1, B:P3; abnegation(s) AE:S1, G:P3; abode(s) B:P2; abound(ed) B:P2; about B:P2; above B:P2; above-board B:P2/B:P3; abridge(d) B:P2; abroad B:P2; absent [adj/prep] AE:P1; absent(ed) [v] S:P2; absentee(s) AE:S1, T:P3; abuse(d) B:P2; abyss(es) B:P2; acclimate(d) AE:P1/K:P2; acclimatize(d) [or acclimatise(d)] K:P2, T:S4; accommodate(d) K:P2, D:S4; accommodation K:S2, D:P4; according K:P2; accordingly K:P2; account(ed/s) K:P2; accounting (equation) K:P2; accumulate(d) K:P2; accurate AE:P1; accustom(ed) K:P2; acknowledge(d) N:P2; acolyte(s) AE:P1, L:S3; acquire(d) K:P2; acquit(ted) K:P2; acre(s) EI:P1; across K:P2; acrostic(s) K:P2; act(ed/s) AE:P1; act up AE:S1, A:P2; acted up AE:S1, A:P3; activity/activities T:P2; acumen AE:P1/K:P2; add(ed) AE:P1; add fuel to the fire AE:S1, F:P6; add fuel to the flames AE:S1, F:P6; add in AE:S1, I:P2; add insult to injury AE:S1, I:P5; added fuel to the fire AE:S1, F:P7; added fuel to the flames AE:S1, F:P7; added in AE:S1, I:P3; added insult to injury AE:S1, I:P6; addict(s) AE:P1; addicted D:P2; addictive D:P2; addition(s) D:P2; address(es) [n] AE:P1, D:S2 / D:P2; addressee(s) (AE:S1/D:S2); adept (at/in) [adj] AE:P1, D:S2 / D:P2; adept(s) [n] AE:P1 (D:S2); adhere(d) H:P2; adherent(s) H:P2; adieu(s) [or adieu(x)] D:P2; adjacent D:P2; adjourn(ed) D:P2; adjust(ed) D:P2; administer(ed) to M:P2; admiration R:P3; adobe D:P2; adrenalin [or adrenaline] D:P2; adult(s) AE:P1/D:P2; advance(d) V:P2; advantage(s) V:P2; adventure(s) V:P2; advertize(d)) [or advertise(d)] AE:P1, T:S3; advertizement(s) [or advertisement(s)] AE:P1/V:P2/T:P3; advice V:P2; advise(d) V:P2; aerie(s) [or aery/aeries; n] AE:P1/E:P1; aery [adj] AE:P1/E:P1; aesthete(s) [see esthete(s)] E:P1/EE:P1, TH:S2; aesthetic [see esthetic] TH:P2; afar F:P2; affair(s) F:P2; affect(ed) F:P2; affidavit(s) AE:S1, D:P3; affluent AE:P1 (F:S2); afford(ed) F:P2; afire F:P2; aflame F:P2; afraid F:P2; African(s) AE:P1; after AE:P1/AH:P1; afternoon(s) AE:S1/AH:S1, N:P3; afterward(s) AE:P1/AH:P1; again G:P2; against G:P2; age(s) EI:P1; aged EI:P1; aggrandizement(s) AE:P1, D:S3 / G:P2 (D:S3) / AE:S1, D:P3; aglitter G:P2; aglow G:P2; ago G:P2; agree(d) G:P2; ah AH:P1; ahead H:P2; ai AI:P1; ai(s) AI:P1; air(s) E:P1; airy AE:P1/E:P1; aisle(s) AI:P1; aitchbone(s) [or H bone(s)] EI:P1, B:S2; alas L:P2; alcoholic H:P3; alethic L:P2; algebra AE:P1; algebraic AE:S1, B:P3; alike L:P2; alive L:P2; all AW:P1; all that glitters is not gold AW:S1, G:P7; all that glitters isn't gold AW:S1, G:P6; alleged L:P2; allegedly L:P2; alliterate(d) L:P2, R:S4; alliteration L:S2, R:P4; alliterative L:P2 (R:S4); allow(ed) L:P2; allowance(s) L:P2; allow(ed) thru TH:P3; ally/allied/allies AE:P1/L:P2; almost AW:P1 (M:S2); aloft L:P2; alone L:P2; along L:P2; aloof L:P2; aloud L:P2; already R:P2; alright [or all right] R:P2; altho [or although] DH:P2; alter ego(s) AE:S1/AW:S1, R:P3/EE:P3; altogether G:P3; aluminum L:P2; aluminium AE:S1; always AW:P1 (W:S2); amatory AE:P1 (T:S3); ambidextrous D:P3; ambience [or ambiance] AE:P1; amok M:P2; amuck M:P2; an [if stressed] AE:P1; An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth AI:P5, T:P11; anabasis/anabases N:P2; anabatic AE:S1, B:P3; anagnorisis/anagnorises AE:S1, N:P3; anagnorize(d) [or anagnorise(d)] N:P2; analogy/analogies N:P2; analysis/analyses N:P2; analyze(d) [or analyse(d)] AE:P1, L:S3; ananke N:P2, K:S3; (the) ananorm N:P3; ancillary/ancillaries AE:P1, L:S3 / S:P2; and [if stressed] AE:P1; anew N:P2; angel(s) EI:P1; angle(s) AE:P1; animal(s) AE:P1; animate AE:P1; annals AE:P1; announce(d) N:P2; annoy(ed) N:P2; anon N:P2; another N:P2; answer(ed/s) AE:P1/AH:P1; antediluvian AE:S1 (D:S3) L:P4; anthropoid(s) AE:P1, P:S3; antipode AE:P1, P:S3; antipodes T:P2, D:S4; anxiety/anxieties Z:P2; any E:P1; anybody E:P1; anyhow E:P1; anymore E:S1; anyone E:P1; anything E:P1, TH:S3; anywhere E:P1; apostrophe(s) F:S4; apparatus(es) R:P3; appellation(s) AE:S1, L:P3; appellee(s) AE:S1, L:P3; apple(s) AE:P1; apple of discord AE:S1, D:P4; applicability AE:S1, B:P4; applicable AE:P1/P:P2; appreciation EI:P4; appropriate(d) [v] EI:S4; apricot(s) AE:P1/EI:P1, K:S3; aquiline AE:P1 (L:S3); arbor [or arbour] AH:P1; archaic K:P2; arch(es) AH:P1; archway(s) AH:P1, W:S2; argosy/argosies AH:P1; argue(d) AH:P1 (G:S2); arise/arose/arisen R:P2; arithmetic [adj] AE:S1, M:P3; arithmetical AE:S1, M:P3; [n] R:P2, T:S4; arm(s) AH:P1; arm-in-arm AH:P3; armor [or armour] AH:P1; army/armies AH:P1; around R:P2; arrange(d) R:P2; arrangement(s) R:P2; arrive(d) R:P2; art(s) AH:P1; article(s) AH:P1; artizan(s) [or artisan(s)] AH:P1/Z:P3; artist(s) AH:P1; as large as life L:P4; as well (as) W:P2; asexual (EI:S1) S:P2; ash AE:P1; ash(es) AE:P1; ashamed SH:P2; ashamedly SH:P2; Asian(s) EI:P1; asinine AE:P1, N:S3/AI:S3; asked AE:P1/AH:P1; ask(ed) in AE:S1/AH:S1, I:P2; association(s) EI:P4; assume(d) S:P2 (SH:P2); assure(d) SH:P2; at all T:P2/AW:P2; at bay B:P2; at close quarters K:P2; at cockcrow K:P2; at daggers drawn D:P2; at death's door D:P3; at first F:P2; at last L:P2; at long last L:P2; at the behest of H:P4; at the top of the tree T:P6; at the wheel W:P3; at your behest H:P4; ate E:P1/EI:P1; atheism EI:P1, I:S3; athirst TH:P2; atomic T:P2; atop T:P2; atremble T:P2; attach(ed) T:P2; attaché(s) T:P2/AE:S1, SH:P3; attack(ed) T:P2; attempt(ed) T:P2; attend(ed) T:P2; attention T:P2; attentive T:P2; attract(ed) T:P2; attract attention T:P4; attracted attention T:P5; attraction(s) T:P2; attractive T:P2; aubade(s) B:P2; auburn AW:P1; auction(s) AW:P1; augur(ed) AW:P1; augur(ed) ill (for) I:P3; augur(ed) well (for) W:P3; august [adj] G:P2; August [n] AW:P1; aunt(s) AE:P1/AH:P1; authentic TH:P2; auto-da-fé/autos-da-fé AU:S1/AW:S1, F:P4; autumn AW:P1; avail(ed) V:P2; avatar(s) AE:P1/T:P3; averse V:P2; avoid(ed) V:P2; avow(ed) V:P2; avowal(s) V:P2; awake (to) W:P2; awake(d)/awoke/awoken W:P2; awaken(ed) (to) W:P2; aware W:P2; awash (with) W:P2; away W:P2; awe(d) AW:P1; awful AW:P1; awhile W:P2; awkward AW:P1; awry R:P2; ay [or aye; adv] AI:P1/EI:P1; aye [adv] AI:P1; ay(s) [or aye(s); n] AI:P1; azalea(s) Z:P2; azoic Z:P2;

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