M. Vincent van Mechelen
 with Vocabulary of Alliteration 
[lemmas under the staves |M|, |P| and |S| may be missing]


F E:P1; fa F:P1; face(d) forward(s) F:P2; face(s) F:P1; face-to-face F:P1; fact(s) F:P1; fact and fiction F:P1; facts and figures F:P1; fact-finding F:P1; factory/factories F:P1; factory farming F:P1; fain F:P1; fair('s fair) F:P1; fair words make fools fain F:P5; fair-weather (friend) F:P1, W:S2; fair words make fools fain W:S2; fall(en)/fell F:P1; fall/fell flat F:P2; fall/fell foul of F:P2; fall/fell off AH:P2/AW:P2/O:P2; fall/fell on your feet F:P4; fallen flat F:P3; fallen foul of F:P3; fallen off AH:P3/AW:P3/O:P3; fallen on your feet F:P5; false F:P1; false friend(s) F:P2; falsehood(s) F:P1, H:S2; falsity F:P1; fame (and fortune) F:P1; familiarity/familiarities J:P3/J:P4/AE:P4; family/families F:P1; family affair(s) F:P1; famine(s) F:P1; fan(ned/s) F:P1; fan(ned) a fire F:P3; fan(ned) the flames F:P3; fancy F:P1; fancy-free F:P3; fanfare F:P1; fan-folded F:P1; fantasy/fantasies [or phantasy/phantasies] F:P1; far F:P1; far from it F:P2; faraway F:P1, W:S3; far-flung F:P2; fare(s) F:P1; farewell(s) W:P2; farfetched F:P2; farm(s) F:P1; farm-to-fork F:P3; farming F:P1; farraginous R:P2; farrago(es) R:P2; far-reaching (effect) F:P1/R:P2; fart(s) F:P1; fashion (fair) F:P1; fast F:P1; fast and firm F:P1; fast and furious F:P1; Fast bind, fast find B:P2, F:P4; (as) fit as a fiddle F:P4; fast food F:P2; fast forward F:P2; fast-flowing F:P1; fast foe(s) F:P1; fast-food F:P1; fast friend(s) F:P1; fast friendship(s) F:P1; fat F:P1; (the) fat is in the fire F:P5; father(s) F:P1; father-figure(s) F:P1; fatherhood F:P1, H:S3; fault(s) F:P1; faultfinding F:P1; favor(s) [or favour(s)] F:P1; fay(s) F:P1; fear(s) F:P1; feast(s) F:P1; feast or famine F:P1; feather(s) F:P1; febrile F:P1 (B:S2); fecund F:P1; fecundity K:P2; fee(s) F:P1; feed/fed F:P1; feeding (frenzy) F:P1; feel/felt F:P1; feel/felt free to F:P2; feeling(s) F:P1; feign(ed) F:P1; feigned F:P1; felicitous L:P2; felicity L:P2; fell F:P1; fell(ed) F:P1; fell(s) F:P1; fellow(s) F:P1; fellow-feeling(s) F:P1; fervid F:P1; fever(s) F:P1; few F:P1; few and far between F:S1, T:P5; fiction F:P1; fiddle(s) F:P1; fiddle-faddle F:P1; fiddler(s) F:P1; field(s) F:P1; field-folk F:P1; fiend(s) F:P1; fifteen F:S1, T:P2; fifth F:P1; fifty-eight F:S1, EI:P3; fifty-eighth F:S1, EI:P3; fifty-fifth F:P3; fifty-first F:P3; fifty-five F:P3; fifty-four F:P3; fifty-fourth F:P3; fifty-nine N:P3; fifty-one F:S1, W:P3; fifty-three F:S1, TH:P3; fifty-two F:S1, T:P3; (the) first blow is half the battle H:P4; fight/fought F:P1; fight/fought a fire F:P3; fight/fought fire with fire F:P2; fight/fought the good fight G:S3, F:P4; fighting (fit) F:P1; figure(s) F:P1; financial N:P2; find/found F:P1; find/found fault with F:P2; find/found your feet F:P3; finding F:P1; fine F:P1; finger(s) F:P1; finger food F:P1; fire(s) F:P1; fire-fly/-flies F:P1; firm F:P1; first F:P1; first and foremost F:P1; (the) first blow is half the battle B:S2; first come, first served F:P1; first draw(n)/drew breath F:P1, D:S2, B:S3; first floor F:P2; (the) first flush of F:P2; first in, first out F:P1, I:S2, AU:S4; first offender(s) F:P3; first past the post F:P1; first things first F:P3; first-floor F:P1; first-rate ST:P2/R:P2; firsthand F:P1/H:P2; first-rate (F:S1 with R:P2) ST:P2/R:P2; fist(s) F:P1; fist fight(s) F:P1; fit F:P1; five F:P1; fivescore F:P1; fixed F:P1; fixedly F:P1; fixedness F:P1; flag(s) F:P1; flame(d/s) F:P1; flat-footed F:P1; flat-rate (fee) F:P1, R:S2; fledgling(s) F:P1; fleet(s) F:P1; flee/fled (from) F:P1; fleet (of foot) F:P1; fleet-footed F:P1; fleeting F:P1; flesh F:P1; flesh on flesh F:P3; flesh to flesh F:P3; fleshly F:P1; flight(s) F:P1; flight(s) of fancy F:P3; fling/flung F:P1; flint(s) F:P1; flip-flop(s) F:P1; float(ed/s) F:P1; flock(ed) F:P1; flood(ed/s) F:P1; floor(s) F:P1; flourish(ed/es) F:P1; flow(ed/s) F:P1; flower(ed/s) F:P1; (the) flower (of) F:P1; flush(ed/es) F:P1; fly/flew/flown F:P1; fly/flew/flown in the face of F:P4; fly/flies F:P1; fo'c'sle(s) [or forecastle(s)] F:P1; focus(ed) [or focus(sed)] F:P1; focus(ed) at infinity [or focus(sed)] F:P5; focus(es) [or focus/foci] F:P1; foe(s) F:P1; fold(ed) F:P1; folk(s) F:P1; folklore F:P1, L:S2; folkloric F:P1, L:S2; food(s) F:P1; F:P4; fool(s) F:P1; foot/feet F:P1; foot by foot F:P1; footloose (and fancy-free) F:P1; for F:P1; for all R:P2; for evermore R:S2; forbear/forbore/forborne B:P2; forbid/forbad(e)/forbidden B:P2; forbidding B:P2; force(d/s) F:P1; force-feed/-fed F:P1; forced-feed/-fed F:P1; forearm(ed) [v] (F:S1) AH:P2; forearm(s) [n] F:P1, AH:S2; forecastle(s) [see also fo'c'sle(s)] F:P1 (K:S2); forefather(s) F:P1; forefinger(s) F:P1; forehead(s) F:P1, H:S2; foremost F:P1; foreshadow(s) [n] F:P1, SH:S2; forever R:P2; forewarn(ed) (F:S1)W:P2; forewarned is forearmed F:S1, W:P2; forge(d/s) F:P1; forge fire(s) F:P1; forge(d) forward(s) F:P2; forget/forgot(ten) G:P2; forgive(n)/forgave G:P2; fork(ed/s) F:P1; forlorn L:P2; format(s/ted) F:P1, M:S2; forshadow(ed) [v] SH:P2; forth F:P1; forthwith W:P2; fortune(s) F:P1; Fortune favors fools [or favours] F:P5; forty F:P1; forty-eight F:S1, EI:P3; forty-eighth F:S1, EI:P3; forty-fifth F:P3; forty-first F:P3; forty-five F:P3; forty-four F:P3; forty-fourth F:P3; forty-nine N:P3; forty-one F:S1, W:P3; forty-three F:S1, TH:P3; forty-two F:S1, T:P3; forward F:P1; forwards F:P1; fossil(s) F:P1; fossil fuel(s) F:P1; foul F:P1; found(ed) F:P1; founding F:P1; founding father(s) [or Founding Father(s)] F:P3; foundling(s) F:P1; fount(s) F:P1; fountain(s) F:P1; fountainhead(s) F:P1, H:S3; four(-footed) F:P1; fourscore F:P1; fourteen F:S1, T:P2; fourth F:P1; fowl(s) F:P1; fowl-farm(s) F:P1; franc(s) F:P1; (the) fray F:P1; freckle(s) F:P1; freckle-faced F:P1; free (and fair) F:P1; free from F:P1; free-floating F:P1/P2; free-flowing F:P1; free-for-all [adj] F:P1; free-for-all(s) [n] R:P3; frenzy [or phrensy] F:P1; fresh(-faced) F:P1; fresh-water F:P1, W:S2; fresh-water fish F:P1, W:S2; fresh-water flying fish F:P1, W:S2; friend(s) F:P1; friend and foe F:P1; friend or foe F:P1; friendship(s) F:P1, SH:S2; friendly F:P1; friendly fire(s) F:P3; fright F:P1; fringe(d/s) F:P1; frisk(ed) F:P1; from coast to coast K:P2; from cover to cover K:P2; from dawn to dusk D:P4; from day to day D:P4; from head to heel H:P4; from pillar to post P:P5; from top to toe T:P4; frond(s) F:P1; (the) front F:P1; fruit(s) F:P1; fruit farm(s) F:P1; fruit fly/flies F:P1; frustrate(d) F:P1/(F:S1) ST:P2; frustration(s) (F:S1) ST:P2; fry/fried F:P1; frying (pan) F:P1; fuel(s) F:P1; fuel-efficient F:P4; fugitive(s) F:P1; fulfil(led) [or fulfill(ed)] F:P2; full F:P1; full of fight F:P1; full well F:S1, W:P2; full-blown F:S1, B:P2; full-fledged F:P1; fulness [or fullness] F:P1; fully F:P1; functional (foods) F:P1; fundamental(s) F:P1, M:S3 or F:S1, M:P3; furious F:P1; furor F:P1; furore R:P2;

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