M. Vincent van Mechelen
 with Vocabulary of Alliteration 
[entries under the staves |M|, |P| and |S| may be missing]


G D:P1; gab G:P1; gain(ed) [v] G:P1; gain(ed) ground G:P2; gains [n] G:P1; gall(ed) G:P1; gallant G:P1/L:P2; galore L:P2; game(s) G:P1; gamete(s) G:P1/M:P2; gander(s) G:P1; garage(s) G:P1/R:P2; garbage G:P1; garbage in, garbage out G:S1; gardening G:P1; Gargantuan [or gargantuan] G:P2; garter(s) G:P1; gas(-guzzling) G:P1; gate(s) G:P1; gather(ed) G:P1; gather(ed) together G:P4; (the) gift of the gab G:P4; gear(s) G:P1; geared up G:S1, A:P2; gender(s) D:P1; gender justice D:P1; gene(s) D:P1; general D:P1; general dogsbody/dogsbodies [with elision: gen'ral] D:P3, B:S4; general dogsbody/dogsbodies [without elision] D:P4, B:S5; generation(s) D:S1, R:P3; generosity/generosities D:S1, R:P3; generous D:P1; genital(s) D:P1; genius/genii D:P1; genius/geniuses D:P1; gent(s) D:P1; gentleman/gentlemen D:P1; gentlewoman/gentlewomen D:P1, W:S3; genuine D:P1 (W:S3); geography D:P1/O:P2; get/got(ten) G:P1; get/got along (with) G:S1, L:P3; get as good as you give G:P6; get/got in G:S1, I:P2; get/got to grips with G:P3; get/got together G:P3; get/got your breath (back) G:S1, B:P3; get/got your goat G:P3; get-together(s) G:P1; ghost(s) G:P1; ghostly G:P1; gift(s) G:P1; giga- [if 1st g pron. |DZH|] D:P1; giga- [if 1st g pron. |G|] G:P1; giga-joule(s) [if starting with |DZH|] D:P1; Gill [see Jack and Jill] D:P1; gird/girded/girt G:P1; gird/girt on G:S1, O:P2; gird/girt up G:S1, A:P2; girded on G:S1, O:P3; girded up G:S1, A:P3; girl(s) G:P1; girlhood G:P1, H:S2; give(n)/gave G:P1; give/gave ground G:P2; give/gave in I:P2; give/gave the devil his due D:P3; give/gave up (the ghost) G:S1, A:P2; give/gave the game away G:P3; give/gave you gooseflesh G:P3; given ground G:P3; given in I:P3; given up (the ghost) G:S1, A:P3; given the devil his due D:P4; given the game away G:P4; given you gooseflesh G:P4; glad G:P1; glamor [or glamour] G:P1; glitter(ed) G:P1; glitter and glamor G:P1; glory/glories G:P1; glue(d) G:P1; glue(d) together G:P3; gnarled N:P1; gnash(ed) your teeth N:S1, T:P3; gnaw(ed) N:P1; gnaw(ed) at N:P1; gnaw(ed) away at N:S1, W:P3; gnawing N:P1; gnome(s) N:P1; gnomic N:P1; go(ne) G:P1; go(ne) against the grain G:P5; (to) go along to get along L:S3, G:P5; go(ne) along (with) G:S1, L:P3; go(ne) by the board G:S1, B:P4; go(ne) by the book G:S1, B:P4; go(ne) forth G:S1, F:P2; go(ne) green (about the gills) G:P2 (B:S4, G:S6); go(ne) in G:S1, I:P2; go(ne) from strength to strength G:S1; go(ne) phut G:S1, F:P2; go(ne) the whole hog H:P3; go(ne) to glory G:P3; go(ne) together G:P3; go(ne) white (about the gills) G:S1, W:P2 (B:S4, G:S6); goat(s) G:P1; gobbledygook [or gobbledegook] G:P1/G:P4; god(s) G:P1; goddess(es) G:P1; god-given G:P1; go-getter(s) G:P1; go-getting G:P1; go-go (girl) G:P1; gold G:P1; good G:P1; (as) good as gold G:P3; good grief G:S1, G:P2; Good riddance to bad rubbish G:S1, B:S5, R:P6; goodby [or goodbye] B:P2; good-day D:P2; good-looking L:P2; goose/geese G:P1; gooseflesh G:P1; goose-pimples G:P1; gore [n] G:P1; gore(d) [v] G:P1; gore(s) [n] G:P1; gorilla(s) R:P2; gory G:P1; go-slow G:S1; gossip(ed) G:P1; gossiper(s) G:P1; gotten along (with) G:S1, L:P4; gotten in G:S1, I:P3; gotten to grips with G:P4; gotten together G:P4; gotten up (and gone) G:S1, A:P3; gotten your breath (back) G:S1, B:P4; gotten your goat G:P4; grace(s) G:P1; grain G:P1; gram(s) [or gramme(s) for the metric unit] G:P1; gram of gumption G:P3; grannie(s) [or granny] G:P1; grannyhood G:P1, H:S3; grant(ed) G:P1; granter(s) G:P1; granting G:P1; grape(s) G:P1; grape green G:P1; grape-growing G:P1; grass G:P1; gratuity/gratuities T:P2; gravity G:P1; graven G:P1; great G:P1; (the) Great Divide G:S1, V:P3; green G:P1; (as) green as grass G:P3; green gram(s) G:P1; greengrocer(s) G:P1; (the) greenwood G:P1, W:S2; grey [or gray] G:P1; grey-green [or gray-green] G:P1; grief G:P1; grief-stricken G:P1; grievance(s) G:P1; grind(ed)/ground [v] G:P1; grind/ground your gears G:P3; grip(s) G:P1; gripe(d/s) G:P1; gripes and grievance(s) G:P1; (the) gripes G:P1; grit(ted) G:P1; groan(ed/s) G:P1; ground G:P1; group(ed/s) G:P1; group(ed) together G:P3; grow(n)/grew G:P1; grow(n)/grew together G:P3; grudge(d/s) G:P1; guard(s)/guarded (against) G:P1; guess(ed) G:P1; guessing (game) G:P1; guffaw(ed/s) F:P2; guise G:P1; gumption G:P1; gut(s) G:P1; guzzle(d) G:P1; gyrate(d) D:P1/R:P2; gyre(d) D:P1; gyre(d) down D:P2;

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