M. Vincent van Mechelen
 with Vocabulary of Alliteration 
[lemmas under the staves |M|, |P| and |S| may be missing]


I AI:P1; ice AI:P1; ice cream(s) AI:P1/K:P2; idea(s) D:P2; ideal D:P2; idealism AI:P1/D:P2, L:S3/L:S4; idealist(s) D:P2; /ideologies I:S1/AI:S1, O:P3; ides AI:P1; if I:P1; if it comes to the crunch K:P6; ignite(d) N:P2; ignoramus(es) R:P3; ill I:P1; ill- [in compounds] I:P1; ill at ease I:S1, EE:P3; ill-gotten gains I:S1, G:P4; ill-omened I:P1/OH:P2; ill-starred I:P1/ST:P2; illegitimate I:S1, D:P3; illusive L:P2; image(s)I:P1; imagination(s) N:P4; immorality/immoralities R:P3; impious I:P1/P:P2; impress(es) [n] I:P1; (the) imprimatur I:S1; in I:P1; in a bind B:P3; in a bit of a bind B:P6; in a hurry H:P3; in a jiffy D:P3; in a trice T:P3; in a whirl W:P3; in accordance with K:P3; in black and white B:P2; in bloom B:P2; in brief B:P2; in bud B:P2; in bulk B:P2; in clover K:P2; in days of old D:S2; in dribs and drabs D:P4; in effigy E:P2; in evidence E:P2; in extenuation (of) W:P5/EI:P5; in fine feather F:P2; in fine fettle F:P2; in flower F:P2; in full flood F:P2; in full flow F:P2; in full flower F:P2; in full spate F:P2; in gear G:P2; in haste H:P2; in heat H:P2; in jeopardy D:P2; in jest D:P2; in justification D:S2, K:P5; in lieu of L:P2; in limbo L:P2; in number N:P2; in oils OI:P2; in olden days OH:P2, D:S4; in olden times OH:P2, T:S4; in residence R:P2; in return T:P3; in the bosom of B:P3; in the bud B:P3; in the can K:P3; in the end E:P3; in the first flight F:P3; in the first flush of F:P4; in the flesh F:P3; in the fulness of time [or fullness] F:S3, T:P6; in the know N:P3; in the land of the living L:P6; in the pink of condition D:P6 in the pink of health H:P5; in the thick of (things) TH:P3; in the toils of T:P3; in the wet W:P3; in three shakes of a sheep's tail SH:P6; in toto T:P2; in tumult T:P2; in turn T:P2; in twain T:P2; in two shakes T:P2, SH:S3; in two shakes of a lamb's tail T:S2, SH:S3, L:P6; in vogue V:P2; in words of one syllable W:P4; in your heart H:P3; in your heart of hearts H:P5; inalienable EI:P2; inane N:P2; inanimate I:S1, AE:P2; inanity/inanities N:P2; inaugurate(d) N:P2; incalculable K:P2; incandescent D:P3; incantation(s) T:P3; incarnate K:P2; incense [n] I:P1; inch (by inch) I:P1; inchoate I:P1/K:P2 (W:S3); inclination(s) N:P3; incline(d) K:P2; include(d) [v] K:P2; include(s) [n; as in server(side) include] I:P1, K:S2; including K:P2; incluse(s) I:P1, K:S2/K:P2; inclusive K:P2; K:P2; K:P2, V:S4; inclusivist(s) K:P2; K:S2, V:P4; I:S1, S:P3/Z:P3; incognito(s) I:S1, K:S2, N:P3; income(s) I:P1; incomparable K:P2; increase(d) [v] K:P2; increase(s) [n] I:P1, K:S2; increate I:P1/K:P2; incredible K:P2; incriminate(d) K:P2; incrust(ed) K:P2; incrustation(s) I:S1, K:S2, ST:P3; inculcate(d) I:P1/K:P2; incumbent K:P2; indeed D:P2; indelible D:P2; indifferent D:P2; indirect R:P3; individual(s) I:S1, V:P3; indocile D:P2; indoctrinate(d) D:P2; indomitable D:P2; indoors D:P2; indorse(d) D:P2; indubitable D:P2; induce(d) D:P2; inductive D:P2; indue with [or endue] D:P2; industrial D:P2; industrious D:P2; industrialist(s) D:P2; industry/industries I:P1; ineffable I:S1, E:P2 or N:P2; ineffaceable F:P3; ineluctable L:P3; inequality/inequalities I:S1, K:P3; inertia N:P2; inestimable E:P2; inevitable N:P2; infallible F:P2; infect(ed) F:P2; infectious F:P2; infer(red) F:P2; infernal F:P2; infinity F:P2; inflame(d) F:P2; influence(s) I:P1; influential E:P3; inform(ed) F:P2; informal F:P2; information I:S1; infrequent F:P2; infuse(d) F:P2; ingather(ed) I:P1, G:S2; ingathering(s) I:P1, G:S2; ingenious D:P2; inglorious G:P2; inhabit(ed) H:P2; inhabitable H:P2; inhabitant(s) H:P2; inhale(d) H:P2; inherent H:P2; inhibit(ed) H:P2; inhibition(s) B:P3; inimical N:P2; inimitable N:P2; iniquitous N:P2; initial(ed/s) [or initial(led/s)] N:P2; initiate(d) N:P2, EI:S4; initiation(s) N:S2, EI:P4; initiative(s) N:P2; initiator(s) N:P2, EI:S4; injury/injuries I:P1; injustice D:P2; ink I:P1; ink(ed) in I:P2; inland [adj/n] I:P1 (L:S2); inland [adv] I:P1 (L:S2) or I:S1, L:P2; inn(s) I:P1; innate I:P1 or (I:S1) N:P2; innocuous N:P2; innovate(d) I:P1, V:S3; innovation(s) I:S1, V:P3; innovative I:P1 (V:S3); innovator(s) I:P1, V:S3; innumerable N:P2; inoffensive F:P3; inquire(d) [or enquire(d)] K:P2; inquiry/inquiries [or enquiry/enquiries] I:P1/K:P2; insalubrious L:P3; insect(s) I:P1; insert(s) [n] I:P1, S:S2; inside [adj] I:P1/S:P2; inside out I:S1, AU:P3; inspiration(s) R:P3; institution(s) T:P3; instrument(s) I:P1; instrumental (in) I:S1; insular I:P1; insularity I:S1, L:P3; insult(s) [n] I:P1; insurance SH:P2; insurrection(s) R:P3; intact T:P2; integrity T:P2; intellectual L:P3; intelligence T:P2; intelligent T:P2; intend(ed) T:P2; intense T:P2; intention(s) T:P2; intentional T:P2; interact(ed) I:S1,; R:P3/AE:P3; interaction(s) I:S1, R:P3/AE:P3; intercontinental I:S1, K:S3, N:P5; interdenominational N:P6; interdependence I:S1; interdependent I:S1; interest(ed/s) I:P1; intermission(s) I:S1; international I:S1, N:P3; interplanetary I:S1, P:P3 (T:S5); interpret(ed) T:P2; interpreter(s) T:P2; interrelate(d) L:P4; interrelation I:S1, L:P4; interrelationship(s) I:S1, L:P4, SH:S6; interrupt(ed) R:P3; intersperse(d) I:S1; interweave/interwove(n) (with) W:P3; intimation(s) I:S1; into I:P1 (T:S2); into flower F:P3; into gear I:S1, G:P3; into jeopardy D:P3; into the bargain B:P4; intrepid T:P2; intrinsic T:P2; introduce(d) D:P3; introduction(s) D:P3; intuit(ed) T:P2; intuition(s) I:P3; inundate(d) I:P1, D:S3; invalid [adj] I:P1 (L:S3); invalid [adj] V:P2; invalid(s) [n] I:P1 (L:S3); invaluable V:P2; invariable V:P2; invective V:P2; invent(ed) V:P2; invention(s) V:P2; inventory/inventories I:P1 (T:S3); invest(ed) V:P2; investigate(d) V:P2; invigorate(d) V:P2; invincible V:P2; inviolable V:P2; inviolate V:P2; invisible V:P2; invitation(s) T:P3; invite(d) V:P2; invite in I:P3; invited in I:P4; invite(s) [n] I:P1, V:S2; invoke(d) V:P2; [poetic var] V:P2; involve(d) V:P2; invulnerable V:P2; inwrought R:P2; iota OH:P2; irascible R:P2; ire AI:P1; ireful AI:P1; iridescence I:S1, D:P3; iridescent I:S1, D:P3; iron AI:P1; ironclad [adj] AI:S1, K:P3; ironclad(s) [n] AI:P1, K:S3; R:P2; irrelevancy/irrelevancies R:P2; irrelevant R:P2; R:P2, T:S5; irreparable R:P2; it I:P1; it takes two to tango T:P3; itinerary/itineraries T:P2 (R:S4); its I:P1; ivy-clad K:S3;

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