M. Vincent van Mechelen
 with Vocabulary of Alliteration 
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L E:P1; la L:P1; labor(s) [or labour(s)] L:P1; labor(s) of love [or labour(s)] L:P4; laboratory/laboratories L:P1/B:P2; lackluster [or lacklustre] L:P1; lady/ladies L:P1; lady/ladies of leisure L:P4; ladylike L:P1; lager(s) L:P1; lager lout(s) L:P1; laggard(s) L:P1; lamb(s) L:P1; lamentable L:P1/M:P2; lamentation(s) L:S1, T:P3; lamp(s) L:P1; lamplighted/lamplit L:P1; lamplighter(s) L:P1; lance(s) [n] L:P1; lance(d) [v] L:P1; lanced [adj] L:P1; land(s) L:P1; land of the living L:P4; landlubber(s) L:P1; languid L:P1; languish(ed) L:P1; languor(s) L:P1; lap(ped/s) L:P1; lapel(s) P:P2; lapse(d) L:P1 lapse(s) L:P1; large L:P1; (as) large as life L:P3; larger-than-life L:P4; largess [or largesse; largesse also pron. with |ZH| instead of |DZH|] L:P1/D:P2; lark(s) L:P1; last (but not least) L:P1; late L:P1; (the) late lamented L:S1; Late Lent L:P2; laugh(ed) L:P1; laugh(ed) something to scorn L:S1, S:S2, SK:P5; laugh(ed) you to scorn L:S1, SK:P4; launch(ed/es) L:P1; laundry/laundries L:P1; laundry list(s) L:P1; laurel(s) L:P1; law(s) L:P1; (the) law of the land L:P4; lay/laid [v] L:P1; lay/laid down (the law) L:S1, D:P2; lay/laid in I:P2; lay/laid waste (to) W:P2, L:S1; lay(s) [n] L:P1; (the) lay of the land L:P4; layer(s) L:P1; lea(s) L:P1; lead L:P1; lead/led L:P1; lead/led a dog's life L:S1, D:P3; leader(s) L:P1; leading light(s) L:P3; league(s) L:P1; leap(ed)/lept L:P1; learn(ed)/learnt L:P1; learn(ed)/learnt a lesson L:P3; learned L:P1; least L:P1; leave/left L:P1; leave/left you in the lurch L:P5; (the) lee L:P1; (the) lees L:P1; left L:P1; legend(s) L:P1; legerdemain L:S1; legion(s) L:P1; legitimate D:P2; leisure L:P1; lemming(s) L:P1; lemming-like L:P1; lend/lent L:P1; lending L:P1; lending library/libraries L:P1; Lent L:P1; lesson(s) L:P1; let L:P1; let alone L:P3; let bygones be bygones G:S3, B:P5; let in I:P2; let it lie L:P3; let loose L:P2; let sleeping dogs lie L:P5; let things lie L:P3; lethal L:P1; lethality TH:P2; lethargic TH:P2; letter(s) L:P1; (the) letter of the law L:P5; levity L:P1; liaise(d) EI:P2; liaison(s) L:P1, Z:S3 / EI:P2; library/libraries L:P1; license(d/s) [or licence(d/s)] L:P1; lick(ed) L:P1; lick(s) L:P1; lie(s) L:P1; lie/lay/lain L:P1; lie/lay/lain in I:P2; lie/lay/lain low L:P2; (the) lie of the land L:P4; (as) lief L:P1; life/lives L:P1; life and limb L:P1; lifelong L:P1; light(ed)/lit L:P1; light/lit on L:P1; light(s) L:P1; light-fingered F:P2; like L:P1; like(d) L:P1; (as) like (as chalk to cheese) L:P1; like a dying duck D:P3; like it or lump it L:P1; like the cat that got the cream G:S5, K:P7; lilliputian [or Lilliputian; adj] L:S1, P:P3; Lilliputian(s) [n] L:S1, P:P3; lily/lilies L:P1; lily/lilies of the valley L:S1, V:P5; lily-livered L:P1/L:P3; limb(s) L:P1; (the) limelight L:P1; limit(s) L:P1; limn(ed) L:P1; limner(s) L:P1; limning L:P1; line(s) L:P1; (the) line of least resistance L:S1, Z:P5; lineament(s) L:P1; lines L:P1; lissom[e] L:P1; list(ed/s) L:P1; listen(ed) in (on) I:P3; literature(-loving) L:P1; litter(ed/s) L:P1; litter lout(s) L:P1; little L:P1; live(d) L:P1; live(d) a lie L:P3; live and learn L:P1; live and let live L:P1; live(d) in the lap of luxury L:P6; live(d) like a lord L:P4; live(d) on the fat of the land F:S4, L:P7; livelong L:P1; lively L:P1; livelily L:P1; liver(s) L:P1; living L:P1; living language(s) L:P3; living legend(s) L:P3; living room(s) L:P1; loadstar(s) [or lodestar(s)] L:P1; loathsome L:P1; locale(s) K:P2; locality/localities K:P2; location(s) K:P2; lock(s) L:P1; locks L:P1; locksmith(s) L:P1; lodestar(s) [or loadstar(s)] L:P1; lofty L:P1; log(ged/s) L:P1; log(ged) in L:S1, I:P2; log(ged) out L:S1, AU:P2; long L:P1; (the) long arm of the law L:P5; long live L:P1; long on fantasy, short on figures L:P1, F:S3, SH:P6; longer L:P1; longest(-living) L:P1; longevity D:P2; long-horned L:S1, H:P2; long-lasting L:P1; long-legged L:P1; long-lived L:P1/L:P2; long-lost L:P1; look(ed) L:P1; look(ed) alike L:P3; look-alike(s) L:P1; look(ed) alive L:P3; look before you leap L:P1; look(ed) in I:P2; look(ed) like L:P1; look(ed) like rain L:S1, R:P3; look(ed) lively L:P2; look(ed) out (for) L:S1, AU:P2; look(ed) to your laurels L:P4; loom(ed) L:P1; loom(ed) large L:P2; loose [adj] L:P1; loose(d) [v] L:P1; loose-leaf L:P1/L:P2; lop-sided L:P1/S:P2; lord(s) L:P1; lord(s) of leisure L:P3; lorn L:P1; lose/lost L:P1; loss(es) L:P1; lossless L:P1; lour(ed) [or lower(ed)] L:P1; lout(s) L:P1; love(d/s) L:P1; Love laughs at locksmiths; Love me little, love me long; loveless L:P1; love-letter(s) L:P1; love-life/lives L:P1; lovelight L:P1; lovelorn L:P1; lovely L:P1; loving-kindness L:S1, K:P3; low L:P1; low(ed) L:P1; low-born L:P1, B:S2 or L:S1, B:P2; lower(ed) L:P1; lowlander(s) L:P1; low-level L:P1; lowlived L:P1; lowly L:P1; lubricious B:P2; lucid L:P1; luckless L:P1; luminary/luminaries L:P1 (N:S3); luminescence L:S1, N:P3; luminosity L:S1, N:P3; luxury/luxuries L:P1; lurch(ed)/lurches L:P1; luster [or lustre] L:P1; lusterless [or lustreless] L:P1; lustrous L:P1; lusty L:P1; lying L:P1;

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