M. Vincent van Mechelen
 with Vocabulary of Alliteration 
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B B:P1; babble(d) B:P1; babe(s) B:P1; baby/babies B:P1; baby blue-eyes B:P3; baby boomer(s) B:P1; baby buggy/buggies B:P1; baby's breath B:P1; back(ed/s) B:P1; back(ed) away B:S1, W:P3; back(ed) down B:S1, D:P2; back(ed) off B:S1, AH/AW/O:P2; back to basics B:P3; back to the basics B:P4; back-bencher(s) B:P2; backbite/backbit/backbitten B:P1; backbone(s) B:P1; backbreaking B:P1; backward B:P1; backwards B:P1; bacterium/bacteria T:P2; bad B:P1; bad blood B:P2; badger(s) B:P1; badly B:P1; badly-behaved B:S1, H:P4; badly-off B:S1, AH/AW/O:P3; bag(s) B:P1; bag and baggage B:P1; baggage B:P1; bagatelle(s) B:P1/T:P3; bait/baited B:P1; balance(d/s) B:P1; balance(d) the books B:P4; bald B:P1; (as) bald as a badger B:P4; baleful B:P1; ball(s) B:P1; ballet(s) B:P1/L:P2; ballot(s) B:P1; (the) ballot box B:P1; bamboo(s) B:P1/B:P2; bamboozle(d) B:P2; banana(s) N:P2; band(s) B:P1; bandy/bandied B:P1; bandy/bandied about B:P4; bandy/bandied words (with) B:S1, W:P3; (the) bane B:P1; bang(ed) (about) B:P1; bang(ed) about B:P3; bang(ed) your head against a brick wall B:S1, H:P3, W:S8; bang(s) B:P1; bank(s) B:P1; bank balance/balances B:P1; bank book(s) B:P1; bankrupt B:P1, K:S2/R:S2; ban-the-bomb B:P3; baobab(s) B:P1; bar(red) B:P1; bar(s) B:P1; bar sinister(s) B:S1, S:P2; bard(s) B:P1; bare B:P1; (the) bare bones B:P1; bareback(ed) B:P1; bargain(ed/s) B:P1; bargain(ed) away W:P4; bark [n] B:P1; bark(ed/s) [n/v] B:P1; bark(s) [or barque(s)] [n] B:P1; barrel(s) B:P1; base B:P1; base(d)/bases B:P1; basic(s) B:P1; basket(s) B:P1; bat(s) B:P1; bate(d) B:P1; bath(s) B:P1; bathe(d) in B:P1; bathing beauty/beauties B:P3; bathwater B:P1; baton(s) B:P1/T:P2; batten(ed) down D:P3; batten(ed) on / upon B:P1; bats in the belfry B:P4; batten(s) B:P1; battle(s) B:P1; be(en) B:P1; be(en)/was/were at the bottom of B:P4; be(en)/was/were called on the carpet K:P5; be(en)/was/were called to account K:P5; be(en)/was/were in I:P2; be(en)/was/were on an even keel EE:S4, K:P6; be(en)/was/were thru TH:P2; bead(s) B:P1; beaded (bag) B:P1; be-all and end-all B:S1, AW:S2, E:P4; beam(ed/s) B:P1; bear/bore/borne B:P1; bear/bore/borne the brunt of B:P3; bear(s) B:P1; bear-baiting B:P1; beast(s) B:P1; beat(en) B:P1; beat about the bush B:P5; beat in B:S1, I:P2; beat off B:S1, AH/AW/O:P2; beat out B:S1, AU:P2; beat your brains out B:S1, AU:P4; beaten about the bush B:P6; beaten in B:S1, I:P3; beaten off B:S1, AH/AW/O:P3; beaten out B:S1, AU:P3; beaten your brains out B:S1, AU:P5; beatific B:S1, T:P3; beating B:P1; beau(s) [or beau(x)] B:P1; beauteous B:P1; beautiful B:P1; beauty/beauties B:P1; because K:P2; become/became K:P2; becoming K:P2; bed(ded/s) B:P1; bed and board B:P1; bed and breakfast B:P1; bedeck(ed) D:P2; bedevil(ed) [or bedevil(led)] D:P2; bedridden B:P1, D:S2; bedroom(s) B:P1, D:S2; bee(s) B:P1; beef B:P1; (a) bee in your bonnet B:P4; beer B:P1; beer belly/bellies B:P1; bees in the brain B:P4; beetle(s) B:P1; beetle-browed B:P1; beetle(d) off B:S1, AH/AW/O:P3; beetroot B:P1; befall(en)/befell F:P2; before F:P2; before the mast F:S2; befriend(ed) F:P2; beget/begot(ten) G:P2; begin/began/begun G:P2; beginning(s) G:P2; begodded G:P2; beguile(d) G:P2; behave(d) H:P2; behavior [or behaviour] H:P2; behind H:P2; behindhand H:P2; behold/beheld H:P2; beholder(s) H:P2; behoove(d) H:P2; behove(d) H:P2; being(s) B:P1; belfry/belfries B:P1; belief(s) L:P2; believe(d) L:P2; believer(s) L:P2; bellbottom(s) B:P1; bellbottomed B:P1; bellicose B:P1; belly/bellies B:P1; belly beef B:P1; belly button(s) B:P1; belong(ed) L:P2; beloved L:P2; below L:P2; bend/bent B:P1; bend/bent over (backwards) B:S1, OH:P2; beneath N:P2; beneficial B:S1, F:P3; beneficiary/beneficiaries B:S1, F:P3 (E:S5); benighted N:P2; benign N:P2; bereavement(s) R:P2; beret(s) B:P1/R:P2; berth(s) B:P1; best B:P1; (the) best of both worlds B:S1, W:P4; bestial B:P1; bestiality B:S1, AE:P3; bet(ted) B:P1; bet your bottom dollar B:P3, D:S5; betake(n)/betook T:P2; bethink/bethought (of) TH:P2; betoken(ed) T:P2; betted your bottom dollar B:P4, D:S6; better B:P1; better be safe than sorry B:S1, S:P4; better safe than sorry B:S1, S:P3; better to be safe than sorry B:S1, S:P5; between T:P2; between the devil and the deep blue sea T:S2, D:S4, B:S9, S:P10; between wind and water T:S2, W:P5; betwixt (and between) T:P2; bewail(ed) W:P2; beware W:P2; bewhiskered W:P2; beyond J:P2/AH:P2/O:P2; beyond compare AH:S2/J:S2/O:S2, P:P4; bi- [in compounds] B:S1; (the) Bible B:P1; big(-bellied) B:P1; (the) big bang theory B:P2, TH:S3 big brother B:P2; big business B:P2; (a) bigger (bang for a / your buck) B:P1; bikini(s) K:P2; bikini-clad K:P2; bilateral L:P2; bile B:P1; bill(s) B:P1; billboard(s) B:P1; bind(s)/bound B:P1; bird(s) B:P1; bird-brain(ed/s) B:P1; birds of a feather F:P4; biscuit(s) B:P1; biscuit-and-blanket B:P1; biscuit beetle(s) B:P1; bisexed B:P1; bit(s) B:P1; bit by bit B:P3; (a) bit of a bind B:P4; bite/bit(ten) B:P1; bite/bit back B:P2; bite/bit off B:S1, AH/AW/O:P2; bite/bit on the bullet B:P4; bite/bit the bullet B:P3; bitten back B:P3; bitten off B:S1, AH/AW/O:P3; bitten on the bullet B:P5; bitten the bullet B:P4; bitter B:P1; (as) bitter as bile B:P4; bitter beer B:P1; black B:P1; black and blue B:P3; black box(es) B:P1; black bread B:P1; blackball(ed) B:P1; blackberry/blackberries B:P1; blackberry bush(es) B:P1; blackbird(s) B:P1; blackboard(s) B:P1; blackcurrant(s) B:S1, K:P2; blanket(s) B:P1; blaze(d) B:P1; blazing B:P1; blend in B:S1, I:P2; blended in B:S1, I:P3; bless(ed) B:P1; blessed B:P1; blessèd B:P1; blest B:P1; blind B:P1; (as) blind as a bat B:P4; (as) blind as a beetle B:P4; (the) blind leading the blind L:S2, B:P5; blink(ed) B:P1; blithe B:P1; blithely B:P1; blithesome B:P1; blithesomely B:P1; block(s) B:P1; blockbuster(s) B:P1; blood (bank) B:P1; bloodbath(s) B:P1; blood-brother(s) B:P1; bloody B:P1; bloom(ed/s) B:P1; blossom(s) B:P1; blot(ted/s) B:P1; blot on your escutcheon B:S1; blot your copybook B:S1, K:P3; blotted your copybook B:S1, K:P4; blow(n)/blew B:P1; blow(n)/blew out B:S1, AU:P2; blow(n)/blew your brains out B:S1, AU:P4; blow(s) B:P1; blue B:P1; bluebell(s) B:P1; bluebottle(s) B:P1; blue-eyed B:P1; blue-eyed boy(s) B:P3; board(s) B:P1; board and bed B:P1; boat(s) B:P1; bode(d) B:P1; bode ill B:S1, I:P2; bode no good B:S1, G:P3; bode well (for) B:S1, W:P2; bode you no good B:S1, G:P4; boded ill B:S1, I:P3; boded no good B:S1, G:P4; boded well (for) B:S1, W:P3; boded you no good B:S1, G:P5; body/bodies B:P1; body bag(s) B:P1; body blow(s) B:P1; (the) body of a bottle B:P5; (the) body politic B:S1; body-builder(s) B:P1; body-building B:P1; boil(ed) B:P1; bold B:P1; (as) bold as brass B:P3; bolster(ed) B:P1; bolster(ed) up B:S1, A:P3; bolt(s) B:P1; (a) bolt from the blue B:P4; bomb(s) B:P1; bombard(ed) B:P2; bombast B:P1; bombastic B:P2; bonobo(s) B:P1/N:P2; bond(s) B:P1; bondage B:P1; bone(s) B:P1; book(s) B:P1; Book of Fundamentals B:S1, F:P3, M:S5 or B:S1, F:S3, M:P5; Book of Instruments B:S1, I:P3; Book of Symbols B:S1, S:P3; bookbinding B:P1; book-burner(s) B:P1; boom(ed) B:P1; boom or bust B:P1; boombox(es) B:P1; boon companion(s) B:S1; bootblack(s) B:P1; bordello(s) D:P2; born B:P1; born and bred B:P3; bosom(s) B:P1; bosun(s) [or boatswain(s)] B:P1; both B:P1; both the gold and the grit B:S1, G:P3, AE:S4; bother(ed) B:P1; bother(ed) about B:P1, B:S4; bottle(s) B:P1; bottom(s) B:P1; bottom berth(s) B:P1; (the) bottom of the barrel B:P5; bough(s) B:P1; bound(ed) B:P1; bower(s) B:P1; bowerbird(s) B:P1; bowery/boweries B:P1; bowl(ed) B:P1; bowl(s) B:P1; (the) bowl B:P1; box(es) B:P1; boy(s) B:P1; boyhood B:P1, H:S2; brain(s) B:P1; bramble (bush) B:P1; brand(s) B:P1; brass B:P1; brass band(s) B:P2; brave [adj] B:P1; brave(d) [v] B:P1; brave(d) the wind and the waves B:S1, W:P6; brazen B:P1; Brazilian(s) Z:P2; bread (and butter) B:P1; bread basket(s) B:P1; bread board(s) B:P1; break/broke/broken B:P1; break/broke in B:S1, I:P2; break/broke off B:S1, AH/AW/O:P2; break/broke the back of B:P3; break of dawn B:P1, D:S3; break of day B:P1, D:S3; breakfast B:P1; breast(ed/s) B:P1; breast-beating B:P1; breastbone(s) B:P1; breath B:P1; breath(s) B:P1; breathe(d) B:P1; breed/bred B:P1; bred-in-the-bone B:P4; breed(s) B:P1; brick(s) B:P1; bridge(s) B:P1; bridge-builder(s) B:P1; brigade(s) G:P2; brigand(s) B:P1; bright B:P1; (as) bright as a bead B:P4; (as) bright as a button B:P4; brim(med/s) B:P1; brine B:P1; bring/brought B:P1; bring/brought about B:P3; bring/brought back B:P2; bring/brought forth B:S1, F:P2; bring/brought in B:S1, I:P2; bring/brought to bay B:P3; bring/brought to book B:P3; bring/brought under B:S1, A:P2; bring/brought you to book B:P4; bring-and-buy sale(s) B:P3; (the) brink B:P1; (the) briny B:P1; broach(ed) B:P1; broach(ed) a barrel B:P3; broach(ed) a bottle B:P3; broad(-based / -billed / -breasted / -brimmed) B:P1; broad in the beam B:P4; broken in B:S1, I:P3; broken off B:S1, AH/AW/O:P3; broken the back of B:P4; brood(ed) about/over B:P1; brook(ed) B:P1; brook(s) B:P1; broom(s) B:P1; broth B:P1; (a) broth of a boy B:P1; brother(s) B:P1; brow(s) B:P1; browbeat(en) B:P1; brown B:P1; (as) brown as a berry B:P4; brown-eyed B:P1; brute(s) B:P1; bubble(d/s) B:P1; buck(s) B:P1; buckle(d) B:P1; buckle(d) under B:S1, A:P3; buckyball(s) B:P1; bucolic K:P2; (the) buff B:P1; buffet(ed/s) B:P1; buffet(s) B:P1/F:P2; bugaboo(s) B:P1; bugbear(s) B:P1; build/built B:P1; builder(s) B:P1; building(s) B:P1; building block(s) B:P1; bulk(ed) large B:S1, L:P2; bulk (buy) B:P1; bull(s) B:P1; bull-baiting B:P1; bullet(s) B:P1; bumble-bee(s) B:P1; bun(s) B:P1; bundle(d) off B:S1, AH/AW/O:P3; bunk(ed/s) B:P1; bunk bed(s) B:P1; buoyant B:P1; (the) burden B:P1; burden(ed/s) B:P1; burst B:P1; burst in B:S1, I:P2; burst your bubble B:P3; burthen(ed/s) B:P1; bury/buried B:P1; bush(es) B:P1; business(es) B:P1; business boom / boy(s) B:P1; business-to-business B:P1; bust(ed) B:P1; buster(s) B:P1; bustle(d) about B:P3; busy B:P1; (as) busy as a bee B:P5; (as) busy as bees B:P4; busybody/busybodies B:P1; busyness B:P1; but B:P1; butter(ed) B:P1; butter(ed) your bread on both sides B:P6; (as if) butter wouldn't melt in your mouth B:S1; button(s) B:P1; buy(s)/bought B:P1; by B:P1; by and by B:P3; by any manner of means E:P2; by day D:P2; by fair means or foul F:P2; by guess and by god G:P5; by night N:P2; by no manner of means N:P2; by return T:P3; by [or bye] B:P1; bygone(s) B:P1, G:S2;

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