M. Vincent van Mechelen
 with Vocabulary of Alliteration 
[ u n d e r   c o n s t r u c t i o n ]


E EE:P1; each EE:P1; eager EE:P1; early A:P1; earn(ed) A:P1; earth(s) A:P1; (the) Earth A:P1; earth(ed) A:P1; earth up A:P2; earthed up A:P3; earthly A:P1; east EE:P1; east of Eden EE:P3; eastern EE:P1; easy EE:P1; eat(en) EE:P1; ebb(ed) E:P1; ebony E:P1; ebullience B:P2; ebullient B:P2; economics E:S1/EE:S1, N:P3; economize(d) [or economise(d)] K:P2; economy/economies K:P2; Eden EE:P1; eddy/eddied/eddies E:P1; edge(s) E:P1; edgebone(s) E:P1; eel(s) EE:P1; e'en [contraction] EE:P1; e'er [contraction] E:P1; efface(d) F:P2; effect(s) F:P2; effective F:P2; effervesce(d) E:S1, V:P3; effete F:P2; efficient F:P2; effigy/effigies E:P1; G:S2, T:P4; G:S2, T:P4; egg(s) E:P1/EI:P1; egis [or aegis; see U: 'under the egis of']; ego(s) E:P1/EE:P1; eh EI:P1; eight EI:P1; eighteen EI:S1, T:P2; eighteenth EI:S1; eighth EI:P1; eightieth EI:P1; eighty EI:P1; eighty-eight EI:P3; eighty-eighth EI:P3; eighty-fifth F:P3; eighty-first F:P3; eighty-five F:P3; eighty-four F:P3; eighty-fourth F:P3; eighty-nine N:P3; eighty-one W:P3; eighty-three TH:P3; eighty-two T:P3; either AI:P1/EE:P1; ejaculate(d) D:P2; ejaculation(s) EE:S1, L:P4; eject(ed) (EE:S1) D:P2; ejection(s) (EE:S1) D:P2; elastic L:P2; (the) elect L:P2; elect(ed) L:P2; electrical L:P2; electrician(s) L:S2, T:P3; L:S2, T:P3; eleven L:P2; elixir(s) L:P2; (the) elixir of life L:P5; else E:P1; elsewhere E:P1; embowered B:P2; emphasis/emphases E:P1; employee(s) P:S2, EE:P3; empty-handed H:P3; empty-headed H:P3; empty-hearted H:P3; empyreal (E:S1) P:P2/R:P3; empyrean (E:S1) P:P2/R:P3; enable(d) N:P2; enamored [or enamoured] N:P2; enchant(ed) T:P2; enchanting T:P2; enclose(d) K:P2; enclosure(s) K:P2; encompass(ed) K:P2; encounter(ed/s) K:P2; encourage(d) K:P2; encouragement(s) K:P2; encrust(ed) K:P2; encrustation(s) E:S1/I:S1, K:S2, ST:P3; end(s)/ended E:P1; end to end E:P3; endear(ed) to D:P2; endearing D:P2; endearment(s) D:P2; endeavor(s) [or endeavour(s)] D:P2; endorse(d) D:P2; endow(ed) D:P2; endowment(s) D:P2; endure(d) D:P2; endurance D:P2; enfold(ed) F:P2; enforce(d) F:P2; engage(d) G:P2; engagement(s) G:P2; engaging G:P2; engender(ed) D:P2; engine(s) E:P1; engineer(s) E:S1, N:P3; (the) English I:P1; engraft(ed) G:P2; engrave(d) G:P2; engraving(s) G:P2; engross(ed) G:P2; engrossing G:P2; enhance(d) H:P2; enhancement(s) H:P2; enigma(s) N:P2; enjambment(s) [or enjambement(s)] D:P2; enjoin(ed) D:P2; enjoy(ed) D:P2; enjoyable D:P2; enjoyment(s) D:P2; enkindle(d) K:P2; enlarge(d) L:P2; enlighten(ed) L:P2; enough N:P2; entertain(ed) E:S1, T:P3; enquiry/enquiries [or inquiry/inquiries] E:P1/I:P1; entrance(d) [v] T:P2; E:P1; enumerate(d) N:P2; envenom(ed) V:P2; environment(s) V:P2; ephemeral F:P2; epic(s) E:P1; epoch(s) E:P1/EE:P1; equal EE:P1; K:P2; equation(s) K:P2; equatorial T:P3; equanimity E:S1, N:P3; T:P3; E:S1, L:P3; equinoctial N:P3; equity E:P1; era(s) E:P1/EE:P1/I:P1; ere E:P1; erectile R:P2; erotic R:P2; erection(s) R:P2; err(ed) A:P1; esthete(s) [or aesthete(s)] E:P1/EE:P1, TH:S2; esthetic [or aesthetic] TH:P2; et cetera E:S1; etch(ed) E:P1; etching(s)E:P1; eternal T:P2; (the) eternal triangle T:P4; (the) ether EE:P1; eucaliptus(es)/eucalipti J:S1, L:P3, for eucalipti also T:S4; eulogist(s) J:P1; eulogy/eulogies J:P1; eulogistic J:S1, D:P3; eulogize(d) [or eulogise(d)] J:P1, D:S3; eunuch(s) J:P1; euphemism(s) J:P1; euphemistic J:P1, M:S3 or J:S1, M:P3; euphonious F:P2; euphony J:P1; euphoric F:P2; euro(s) [or Euro(s)] J:P1; European(s) J:S1; euthanasia J:S1, N:P3; eutrophy J:P1; eve EE:P1; even EE:P1; even a cat may look at a king K:P4; evenhanded H:P3; evenhandedness H:P3; event(s) V:P2; ever E:P1; ever and anon E:P1; evermore E:S1; every (which way) E:P1; evidence E:P1; evil(s) EE:P1; evolve(d) V:P2; ewe(s) J:P1; ewer(s) J:P1; ex E:P1; exact Z:P2; examination(s) Z:S2, N:P4; examine(d) Z:P2; example(s) Z:P2; exchange(d/s) T:P2; N:S4; V:S4; exclusivistic V:P4; E:S1, S:P3/Z:P3; execute(d) E:P1, K:S3; executive(s) Z:P2; exegesis/exegeses D:P3; exhale(d) H:P2; exist(ed) Z:P2; existence Z:P2; existent Z:P2; exotic Z:P2; expatriate(d) [v] EI:S4; expatriate(s) [n] SP:P2 (EI:S4); explanation(s) N:P3; exploit(s) [n] E:P1/SP:P2; extant E:P1 (ST:S2) / ST:P2; extenuate(d) ST:P2 (W:S4); extenuation W:P4/EI:P4; extract(s) [n] E:P1; extraordinary E:S1, ST:P2/AW:P3 (E:S4); exuberant Z:P2; exude(d) Z:P2; exult(ed) Z:P2; eye(s) AI:P1; eye to eye AI:P1; eye-catching AI:P1, K:S2; eyrie(s) AI:P1;

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