M. Vincent van Mechelen
 with Vocabulary of Alliteration 
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H EI:P1; H bar(s) EI:P1, B:S2; H beam(s) EI:P1, B:S2; H bone(s) [see aitchbone(s)]; H hinge(s) EI:P1, H:S2; H hour EI:P1, AU:S2; habit(s) H:P1; habit(s) of the heart H:P5; habitual B:P2; hack(ed/s) H:P1; haft(s) H:P1; hail(ed/s) H:P1; hair(s) H:P1; haitch(es) H:P1; halcyon days H:P1; hale and hearty H:P1; half/halves H:P1; half-and-half H:P3; half-hearted H:P2; half-holiday(s) H:P1/H:P2; hall(s) H:P1; hammer(ed/s) H:P1; hammer(ed) home H:P3; hammerhead(s) H:P1; hand(s) H:P1; hand in I:P2; hand in hand H:P3; handed in I:P3; handhold(s) H:P1; handkerchief(s)/handkerchieves H:P1 (T:S3); handmaid(s) H:P1; handmaiden(s) H:P1; handout(s) H:P1 (D:S2); handrail(s) H:P1 (D:S2); handsaw(s) H:P1, S:S2; hand-to-hand H:P3; handwheel(s) H:P1 (D:S2); handwork H:P1 (D:S2); handwoven H:P1/D:P2; handwriting H:P1 (D:S2); hang/hung H:P1; hang/hung heavy on (you) H:P2; hapless H:P1; happen(ed) H:P1; happen(ed) (on / upon) H:P1; happiness H:P1; happy H:P1; happy as a clam at high tide AE:S3, K:S5, H:P7, T:S8; happy hunting-ground H:P3; harass(ed) H:P1/R:P2; harassment(s) H:P1/R:P2; harbinger(s) H:P1; hard(-hit) H:P1; hard of hearing H:P3; hard on your heels H:P4; harden(ed) H:P1; harden(ed) your heart(s) H:P4; hard-headed H:P2; hard-hearted H:P2; hard-hitting [adj] H:P1; hardihood H:P1; hardly H:P1; hare(s) H:P1; harlot(s) H:P1; harmony H:P1; harpy/harpies H:P1; harry/harried H:P1; harsh H:P1; harvest(s) H:P1; harvest-hand(s) H:P1; haste H:P1; hasten(ed) H:P1; hastening H:P1; hate(s)/hated H:P1; haul(ed) H:P1; have/had H:P1; have/had a face like a fiddle F:P6; have/had a hard row to hoe H:P3; Have a heart! H:P3; have/had a hard row to hoe R:S4; have/had an inkling I:P3; have/had it at heart H:P4; have/had had it H:P2; have/had high hope H:P2; have/had no inkling I:S3; have/had other fish to fry A:P2, F:S4; have/had the good grace G:P3; have/had the hots H:P3; have/had your guts for garters G:P5; have/had your tongue in your cheek T:P6; haven(s) H:P1; hawk(s) H:P1; hay H:P1; H-bomb(s) EI:P1/H:P1, B:S2; he H:P1; head(s)H:P1; head(s) of hair H:P3; head over heels H:P4; headache(s) H:P1 (D:S2); head-hunter(s) H:P1; head-hunting H:P1; headline(s) H:P1; health H:P1; heap(ed/s) H:P1; heap(ed) coals of fire on your head H:S1, K:P2; hear(d) H:P1; hearing H:P1; h[e]arken(ed) H:P1; heart(s) H:P1; hearth(s) H:P1; hearth and home H:P3; heart-to-heart H:P3; hearty H:P1; heat H:P1; heave(d) H:P1; heave(d) a groan H:S1, G:P3; heave(d) a sigh H:S1; heave-and-haul(ed) H:P1; heave ho H:P1; heave-ho(s) H:P1; heaven (help you) H:P1; (the) heavens H:P1; heavenward H:P1; heavenwards H:P1; heavy (with) H:P1; (a) heavy heart H:P1; heavy-handed H:P3; heavy-hearted H:P3; hedge(s) H:P1; hedgehog(s) H:P1; heel(s) H:P1; hegemony [if g pron. |DZH| or |dzh|] H:P1/D:P2; hegemony [if g pron. |G| or |g|] H:P1/G:P2; heinous H:P1; heir(s) E:P1; hell H:P1; helm(s) H:P1; help(ed) H:P1; help or hindrance H:P1; helper(s) H:P1; (a) helping (hand) H:P1; hem(med) (and haw(ed)) H:P1; henna(-haired) H:P1; herald(s)/heralded H:P1; herald in I:P3; heralded in I:P4; herb(s) A:P1/H:P1; herculean [or Herculean] (H:S1) K:P2/L:P3; here H:P1; hetero- [in compounds] H:S1; hiatus(es) EI:P2; hide(s)/hid/hidden H:P1; hide nor hair H:P1; hide or hair H:P1; hidy-hole(s) [or hidey-hole(s)] H:P1; high (and low) H:P1; high on the hog H:P4; high-handed H:P2; high-handedness H:P2; high-hat H:P1; high-heeled H:P2; hike(d/s) H:P1; hilt H:P1; hinder(ed) H:P1; hinderer(s) H:P1; hindmost H:P1; hindrance H:P1; hinge(d) on/upon H:P1; hinge/hinges H:P1; hip(ped/s) H:P1; hip-hop H:P1; hirsute H:P1/S:P2; history/histories H:P1; histrionic H:S1, AH:P3/O:P3; histrionics H:S1, AH:P3/O:P3; hit(s) H:P1; hit the hay H:P3; hit the headlines H:P3; hit the nail on the head N:S3, H:P6; hitch(es) H:P1; hitch-hike(d) H:P1; hitch-hiker(s) H:P1; hither H:P1; hither and thither H:P1, DH:P4/TH:P4; hoar H:P1; hoary H:P1; hoard(ed/s) H:P1; hobby-horse(s) H:P1; hodgepodge H:P1; hog(s) H:P1; hokum H:P1; hold/held H:P1; hold/held hands H:P2; hold/held in I:P2; hold/held it dear H:S1, D:P3; hold/held out hope H:P3; hold/held you dear H:S1, D:P3; hold/held your head(s) high H:P4; hold/held your head(s) up H:S1, A:P4; Hold your horses! H:P3; hole(s) H:P1; holiday(s)H:P1, D:S3; hollow H:P1; hollyhock(s) H:P1; holy H:P1; home(d) in (on) H:S1, I:P2; home(s) H:P1; (a) home from home H:P1; home help(s) H:P2; homeland(s) H:P1, L:S2; homo- [in compounds] H:S1; honest AH:P1/O:P1; honesty AH:P1/O:P1; honor [or honour] AH:P1/O:P1; honor(ed) [or honour(ed)] AH:P1/O:P1; honorable [or honourable] AH:P1/O:P1; hoodwink(ed) H:P1, D:S2; hooey H:P1; hoot(ed) H:P1; hoot the horn H:P3; hoot your horn H:P3; hooted the horn H:P4; hooted your horn H:P4; hop(ped) H:P1; hope(d/s) H:P1; hope against hope H:P1; horde(s) H:P1; horizon(s) R:P2; horn(s) H:P1; horn(ed) in (on) H:S1; horned H:P1; horn(ed) in (on) I:P2; horny H:P1; (as) horny as hell H:P4; horror of horrors H:P4; horse(s) H:P1; horsehair H:P1; hospitable H:P1/SP:P2; hospital(s) H:P1; hostile H:P1; hot H:P1; hot dog(s) H:P1/D:P2; H:P1; hotel(s) T:P2; hothead(s) H:P1; hotheaded H:P2; hothouse(s) H:P1; (the) hots H:P1; hot-tempered H:S1, T:P2; hound(ed) H:P1; hound(s) H:P1; hour(s) AU:P1; house(s) H:P1; household(s) H:P1; householder(s) H:P1; how H:P1; however W:P2/E:P2; howsoever E:P3; H-shaped EI:P1, SH:S2; hubris H:P1; hue(s) H:P1; hug(ged) H:P1; hum(med) (and haw(ed)) H:P1; human(s) H:P1/J:P1; humor [or humour] H:P1/J:P1; humorous H:P1/J:P1; hunger (for) [n] H:P1; hunger(ed) after [v] H:P1, AE:S3/AH:S3; hunger(ed) (for) [v] H:P1; hunt(s)/hunted H:P1; hunt with the hounds H:P4; hunted with the hounds H:P5; hunting-ground(s) H:P1; hurry/hurried H:P1; hurt(s)/hurted H:P1; husband(s) H:P1; hush-hush H:P2; hybris H:P1; hydro- [in compounds] H:S1; hype(d/s) H:P1; hyper- [in compounds] H:S1; hyperbole(s) P:P2, L:S4;

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