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This program enables you to view a total of 500 to 600 TRINPsite documents at random and/or to proceed on your own from almost any link you may choose. The documents are shown in a newly opened VariVu window. 'VariVu' is short for 'VariViewing', which stands for 'various modes of viewing'. In addition to the regular 'self-surfing' mode there is an 'automatic random viewing' mode during which randomly selected documents will be displayed for 90 seconds. In either mode you can opt for a medium-size window or a window which covers your screen as much as possible. Provided that your browser (version) is able to process the (Java)script you can indicate your preference or navigate by means of a console of which the buttons have the following functions:

shows this information page again (in the VariVu window)
will finish VariViewing and close its windows
switches to full-screen or largest size (if the window is medium size)
switches to original size and place (if the window is largest size)
shows the previous randomly selected page (not a page you may have surfed to)
takes you back to where you surfed from (not an old randomly selected page)
enables you to read the page at leisure and to follow its links without being cut off
(re)starts automatic random viewing with 1½-minute intervals
takes you forward to where you were before (not a new randomly selected page)
takes you to the next randomly selected page (also in the surfing mode)

    At the bottom of the console there is a display showing the time passed from the moment a new page was opened in this VariVu window as a percentage of the total duration of the presentation. Red is used in the random mode and green in the surfing mode. As soon as the whole display has turned red a new page will be loaded. (A totally green display will have no such effect.) You can get the page back by pressing the PREVIOUS RANDOM button. If you want to keep a page for a longer time, it may be advisable to opt for STOP RANDOMIZING, that is, the surfing mode.


The VariViewing program can be started in three different ways:

  1. in a window with the TRINPsite main index (or 'home') page, immediately below the table with the TRINP values and the works and subjects. Click the START VARIVIEWING button link. After this information and help page you will always get to see a randomly selected page first and the program will remain in the random-viewing mode until you choose otherwise
  2. in a framed window with the upper index page in the left frame and any other TRINPsite page in the right frame. (Such a window carries the title "TRINPsite viewed with index on the left".) By clicking the VARIVIEWING button on the left you will first get to see the page on the right in the VariViewing program, and you will also continue in the self-surfing mode until you choose otherwise
  3. from any other TRINPsite page with floating menus (a standard feature in new and updated files), by clicking on the START VARIVU item in the TRINPSITE MORE floating menu on the right. In this way you will first get to see the page from which you started the VariViewing program, and you will also continue in the self-surfing mode until you choose otherwise

Even if your browser blocks pop-up windows, you may be able to run this VariViewing feature with the medium-size window opened at the beginning. However, you will not be able to get a large-size or full-screen window if your browser does not accept pop-up windows. In that case you should first allow such windows for the domain before proceeding.


As the console is created in a small, separate window, it may not always be visible. Thus it may 'disappear' when the page displayed covers a complete screen or even only a medium-size VariVu window, if your screen is not wide enough. Especially in a full-screen mode the absence of the console will enhance viewing, as you will then see nothing else than the page selected. You can get the console back:

  1. by going to the TRINPSITE MORE floating menu on the right in the VariVu window. This menu contains an item (VARIVU INFO) to get the present page with all the buttons for navigation back in this window, but that action will replace the page displayed at that moment. If you do not want this, you can choose the next item (VV CONSOLE), which will put the console window itself back on your screen. (Old pages and some special pages, however, do not always have floating menus.)
  2. by clicking one of the elongated Catena pictures at the very top and the very bottom of the page 'frame' or by following any other link which connects you to the main index page. During VariViewing the VariViewing button in that page is changed into a SHOW VV CONSOLE button. After you press this button the VariViewing console will become visible and active again
  3. by pressing the same SHOW VV CONSOLE button when the main index page is shown in the top internal frame on the right. This frame (and dependent on the length of the page other such frames) is not created in a medium-size window, but will be created in a large-size window
  4. in the standard way by clicking the appropriate part of the task bar on your screen, unless the display of the page covers the complete screen, in which case the task bar will not be visible either

The program never ends by itself. It is possible to stop it at any time in one of the following ways:

  1. by clicking the FINISH & CLOSE button in the console, if necessary after having clicked the VV CONSOLE item in the TRINPSITE MORE menu or by pressing the SHOW VV CONSOLE button in the main index page first
  2. by clicking the FINISH & CLOSE button in this window, when it shows this information page, possibly after having clicked the VARIVU INFO item in the TRINPSITE MORE menu first
  3. less elegantly, by closing the newly opened VariVu and console windows in the standard way

After you have ended the presentation in one of these ways, you will usually return to the page from which you started VariViewing, but always by way of the main index document with the Index of Pages, the source 'meta-file'. The address of this page is, when on-line; it must be TRINP/index.htm, when off-line.

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